About Us

About Us

With the gradual demise of conventional magazine based media advertising, the UK Car Valeting Directory provides you with an affordable online advertising option. Since launching The UK Car Valeting Directory website in September 2012 we have achieved excellent results on Google search engines for our Professional Detailers And Valeters that are listed.  We are confident that the investment that you make with us will be a well spent advertising option.We believe that the Professional Detailers And Valeters listed within our Directory have made a wise choice about spending their money in a sensible and practical way when it comes to online advertising. Some online directories list hundreds and sometimes thousands of companies within their free listings site.  These sites are just basic and provide you with poor quailty links,  and don’t even offer links to your own site. This doesn’t really do any favours for your business and your main website.

One of the key points of being having a Pro Listing with us is that not only will your listing with us rank highly on Google, your own website will actully start to climb higher in the search results due to having multible links from this site.  Additionally our off site promotion work via social media, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus all provide quality links to your listing and website.

Some of our key points.

  • More Customers For Your Business.
  • Reach thousands of local customers searching the internet for the services that you provide, in the towns that you serve.
  • Affordable, Just £95 for 12 months advertising, that’s only 26p a day!
  • List up to 30 specified towns.
  • Search Engine Friendly.
  • Your Listings Promoted On Twitter.
  • Your Listings Promoted On Facebook.
  • Your Listings Promoted On Google +.
  • We aim to put YOUR business on the first page of Google for popular keyword phrases.

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